Israel at War: Uniting Together for the People and Communities of the Western Negev

Chaos and devastation reigned in all the towns and communities of the western Negev on Saturday, October 7,2023, as Israel faced the deadliest and most horrifying attack from Hamas terrorists, invading the communities from the Gaza Strip.

We at KKL-JNF are actively supporting people and communities and we’re dedicated to the long-term rehabilitation and rebuilding of the Western Negev communities and supplying emergency relief for as long as needed.


Your generous contribution supports:

* The Sderot Resilience Center offering crucial mental health care.

* Activities for displaced families and children

* Activities for youth-at-risk and youth with special needs from the north and south

* Emergency aid packages for councils and municipalities affected by the attacks and the ongoing war

* Military ambulances

* Emergency equipment for the community emergency response units

* Rehabilitating and restoring KKL-JNF forests and nature sites, including Be’eri Forest


Every donation, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact – we need your support now more than ever.


This is a time to come together as an international community and unite for the people of Israel, especially the residents of the western Negev who have lost so much.


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