Amidst the fighting:
KKL-JNF holds initiatives to support individuals
with special needs in Israel

Age old forests across Israel have been destroyed in recent years by fierce wildfires. We are doing everything possible to restore them for future generations, and are taking action to prevent future wildfires from damaging Israel’s forests.

Following the ongoing strife in southern Israel, the Volunteer and Special Needs Division of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) has initiated a series of programs within apartments and sheltered housing for individuals with special needs who, due to the war, are unable to leave their homes.


These initiatives encompass the distribution of kits and board games produced by KKL-JNF, the facilitation of discussion groups to share emotions and thoughts, and the provision of hope, during times of uncertainty. All activities are thoughtfully tailored to accommodate and respect the diverse capabilities and limitations of the adult residents in these apartments.


Up until now, KKL-JNF’s efforts have primarily unfolded in Jerusalem and Kfar Saba, catering to the special needs community. However, in the coming days, these endeavors are set to expand to various locations across the country.


Ifat Ovadia-Lusky, KKL-JNF Chairwoman: “In the wake of the conflict, the Jewish National Fund is extending its reach across the nation to serve those in need. Under normal circumstances, individuals with special needs engage in tailored daytime activities. Yet, since the outbreak of the war, they’ve been unable to leave their sheltered housing. Our teams enter these apartments, wishing to create moments of routine and normality in the midst of this emergency situation that Israel is facing. KKL-JNF is actively preparing to extend its outreach to additional locations nationwide.”


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