KKL-JNF Mobilizes for the Residents of the Western Negev

25 October 2023 1:30 PM

KKL-JNF staff members, guides, women on Israel’s national service, and high-school teens join forces in order to help the residents of the Gaza Envelope, the soldiers, and members of Israel’s security forces. In a joint effort, the managed to hold activities for thousands of evacuated residents in a short time.



As fighting continues, recreational activities for the evacuated children who stay in different hotels throughout the country. Guides and women on Israel’s national service visited the wounded in the hospitals, gave plants that symbolized growth, and played music with injured residents.


In addition, special experience kits produced by KKL-JNF and tabletop games were given, and discussion circles were held to share and encourage hope for the future in this time of uncertainty.

Among KKL-JNF’s different initiatives is a series of lectures in protected housing facilities for people with special needs, who cannot leave their homes due to the fighting. The activities took place in protected housing facilities in Jerusalem, and were fitted with the capabilities and limitations of the residents.


Teenagers from KKL-JNF’s “Plant Together” program distribute meals to members of the security forces throughout the country and arrange animal-assisted therapy meetings for the residents of the Gaza Envelope.


Members of the KKL-JNF staff came to the Tsuba Hotel at the Judea Mountains to provide clothing for the residents of the Gaza Envelope.


The volunteering activities join KKL-JNF’s decision to provide 70 million ILS assistance for the hosting, treatment and security needs of the Gaza Envelope residents, including 17 million ILS to the towns in Israel’s northern border to strengthen the readiness squads.


According to KKL-JNF’s decision, each town defined by Israel’s Ministry of Defense as “near the border” and “on the confrontation line” will get a 200 thousand ILS assistance for the equipping of its readiness squad.


KKL-JNF Chair, Ifat Ovadia-Luski: “During the war, KKL-JNF helps the public in need. In the spirit of volunteering and patriotism, we all come together to make things easier for the residents of the Gaza Envelope residents, the soldiers, and members of the security forces. KKL-JNF prepares to extend its activities to more locations throughout the country.”

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