Restoring Hope:
Rebuilding The Be'eri Forest

20 February 2024 12:00 PM

Why Be’eri Forest?

In the aftermath of the tragic October 7, 2023, attacks, KKL-JNF is on a mission to restore hope and vitality to the heart of the Western Negev. We plan to start with the rehabilitation of Be’eri Forest—the site of the worst terror attacks in Israel’s history.

Our Vision

Be’eri Forest, the Western Negev’s largest forest, was once a place of tranquility and life. But, on October 7th, this once peaceful area was transformed into a slaughtering ground. Hamas terrorists invaded the Nova music festival, which was held at Re’eim Recreation Center in Be’eri. Of the 3,500 Nova participants looking to celebrate music and life, Hamas was sadly successful in brutally murdering over 360 people and taking 40 people as captives.

Today, the Be’eri Forest displays the scars of devastation from the massacre.

Join Us in Making a Difference

With your support, KKL-JNF will transform this landscape of grief and sorrow into a testament of resilience and renewal. We aim to ensure that Be’eri Forest thrives again, serving not only as a vital green lung to the Negev desert but also as a monument to the strength of the Israeli people.

Your contribution plays a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. By donating today, you become a part of a collective effort to turn destruction into hope. We can honor the memory of those we’ve lost and create a green legacy for future generations.

Be’eri Forest, established in 1946 and spanning nearly 3,000 acres, boasts a variety of tree species and is located approximately 13.4 km from the border of Gaza. It is surrounded by communities such as Kibbutz Be’eri, Alumim, Nahal Oz, Re’im, and Kissufim. Noteworthy places within the forest include the Be’eri Badlands, a Singletracks network, the Yad ANZAC Memorial, and more.

Despite enduring challenges like rocket attacks from Gaza and the October 7th massacre, Be’eri Forest has thrived, reflecting the strength of its neighboring communities. With nature’s resilience, the forest and surrounding communities devastated by recent events will undoubtedly recover and flourish once again.

Our Legacy of Service

As a pioneering force for nature preservation and the creation of national parks in Israel, one of KKL-JNF’s earliest projects was the planting and development of the Be’eri Forest. Established in1946 and spanning nearly 3,000 acres, it is the largest forest in the Western Negev region.

In line with our history, we believe we have a special responsibility to rehabilitate Be’eri Forest. We’re giving hope to residents of Israel’s south for a brighter future, along with strengthening Israel’s environmental resilience.

A restored forest will provide survivors and their families with the opportunity to enjoy nature, as well as seek renewal and healing in a gorgeous green space.

Together, let’s sow the seeds of renewal.

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