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Emergency Mental Health Care for Terror Victims in Sderot

People and survivors from Sderot, deeply traumatized by the 7.10 Hamas terrorist attacks, are grappling with the aftermath of the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Due to the tragic events, The Sderot Resilience Complex (SRC) is overwhelmed with patients and people in dire need of mental health care and treatment.

KKL-JNF is has been providing vital support to ensure essential psychological care is always accessible. Your contribution will give hundreds of traumatized men, women, and especially children the emergency mental and emotional treatments they need to carry on following this barbaric attack and the continuous war.


Your support will give hundreds of traumatized men, women, and children the inner strength they need to carry on following this unimaginable tragedy.

Over 1,500 hours of additional therapy are needed right now.

Together, we can heal, rebuild, and extend a helping hand amid the death and destruction.

Join KKL-JNF in bringing hope to the beleaguered residents of the south and support our effort to heal hearts and embark on a journey of recovery.


Current Situation:

  • 45 Sderot residents were murdered, and the police station was taken over and destroyed
  • Over 30,000 people have been evacuated, less than 4,000 remain in the city
  • 90% of residents of Sderot suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, fear of noise, nightmares, impairment of parental abilities, and bedwetting among children due to decades of security tension.

Since 7.10, the SRC team, professional therapists, and psychologists, are working around the clock, providing emotional assistance to those in need, including personal home visits – even visiting evacuees who reside in other cities across Israel. The horrors experienced on that fateful day will take years to overcome, and the need for psychological therapy has skyrocketed. 

The SRC which provides individual, family, and group therapies to anyone who needs them – all offered free of charge – is now facing its greatest and hardest challenge yet.


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