They experience fear and terror daily.
Make their lives a bit easier.
They experience fear and terror daily.
Make their lives a bit easier.
They experience fear and terror daily.
Make their lives a bit easier.

Support communities impacted by terror

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Where nature thrives,
humans thrive

Communities adjacent to the Gaza border are bombarded by missiles every day. Children flee from playgrounds to saferooms, and families cower in stairwells as rockets explode nearby. KKL-JNF is on the ground, installing prefab bomb shelters in parks and open spaces, providing psychological support, hosting respite days for families, and building safe agriculture access roads.

In pursuit of normalcy

The residents of the areas surrounding the Gaza strip are Israel’s modern-day pioneers, embodying the Zionist values of hard work, dedication, and love of the land—the same values that inspire our work at KKL-JNF.

Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip is part of their daily life, and residents have only 15-30 seconds to run for safety when a missile is fired. Therefore, KKL-JNF enhances their security by installing prefabricated bomb shelters in public areas. We also plant trees along community roads to protect travelers, build security roads, and have firefighting teams on call 24/7 to put out terror-related fires in forests, open spaces, and cultivated fields.

In addition, KKL-JNF supports resilience centers for residents in confrontation zones where thousands of children and adults suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders. These centers provide a wide range of therapeutic treatments designed to strengthen their psychological wellbeing. During periods of escalation, we also provide respite for local families by hosting them for special activities in our KKL-JNF Field and Forest Education Centers in the center and north.

KKL-JNF works to improve the physical and emotional health of residents in confrontation areas by planting forests and developing parks and open spaces. These green areas help mitigate climate change and reduce air pollution. We also work to protect the beautiful desert landscapes and unique animals and plants, conserve biodiversity and sustain ecosystems for the benefit of residents and visitors, now and in the future.

To strengthen the local economy, attract new residents, and support farmers, KKL-JNF prepares land for the expansion of communities, as well as for agriculture. We also encourage tourism in the area by developing heritage sites, building bike trails and picnic sites in forests, and organizing special nature events for the public.


Building safe agricultural access roads

Planting life-saving security trees in cooperation with the IDF

Leading innovative, informal education initiatives

Installing pre-fab bomb shelters in parks and open spaces

Hosting respite days for families

Supporting Negev farmers with research and development

This project implements the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Good health and well-being
Reduced Inequalities

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