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Partner with KKL-JNF

Since the days of the legendary blue box,
your donations have been making a wide-reaching impact on society
and environment in the state of Israel.

In recent years, KKL-JNF has expanded its activities to address current challenges and serve a wider range of needs and populations in Israel. 

We’re addressing new needs like climate change, wildfire prevention, water management, preserving green spaces, research, and more.

A taste of our activities:

Creating field and forest educational centers

Outreach units for formal and informal education

ODT activities for youth

Partner programs with youth movements and army prep programs

Hiking groups

Scholarships for students
from communities in
Israel’s periphery

Establishing a large hi-tech center for newly released soldiers

Cultivation of the Negev
and Galil and connecting
them to central Israel

Help us do more! Share the excitement with your friends and family members, tell them why your involvement with KKL-JNF has been meaningful to you, and how it aligns with your values.

Every donation, any amount, makes a difference!


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Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael–Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) has been developing the land of Israel and strengthening the bond between the Jewish people and its homeland since 1901. KKL-JNF continues to meet the State of Israel’s changing needs and, together with its friends worldwide, create a better Israel through projects in forestry, environment, combating desertification and climate change, community development, water Management, ecotourism, agricultural R&D, education and more.