2024: A Year of Renewal and Resilience for Israel

Join our quest at KKL-Jewish National Fund to secure and rejuvenate Israel’s future. In response to the October 7th attacks, we’ve broadened our mission to include vital war relief for border communities, reflecting our commitment to the nation’s well-being.
This moment presents a remarkable chance for you to deepen the bond between your followers and the land of Israel. Our joint efforts will not only aid Israel but also strengthen the ties that your community shares with this historic and sacred land.

At KKL-JNF, our vision is to shape a robust future for Israel by nurturing its land and people. Our objectives encompass delivering war relief, reforesting the nation, fortifying its lands and borders, and enhancing the overall environment. Partnering with KKL-JNF empowers you to disseminate a message of hope and reconstruction, contributing significantly to a stronger Israel. Through this partnership, your community will participate in:


Your role in this mission, alongside your followers, is pivotal in restoring Israel's future. Through planting new trees, we'll expand its forests, bolster its borders, and contribute to the nation’s security and ecological balance.

Reforesting for

Aid us in planting trees to render Israel more sustainable. This effort extends beyond environmental impact, safeguarding parks, wildlife, and local communities.

Making a
Global Impact

By partnering with KKL-JNF, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re becoming part of a global movement. In these challenging times for Israel, your commitment to planting a tree signifies hope and continuity. Embrace this opportunity to make a profound difference in 2024, shaping a future that honors the past while nurturing the land and people of Israel.

Enhancing Your Mission’s Impact

Each tree planted through your efforts contributes directly to your mission, with a rewarding 20% of the price coming back to support your endeavors. This is a tangible way to enrich your resources

Expanding Your Community's Reach

Offering your followers the experience of planting a tree in Israel isn’t just a meaningful activity; it's an opportunity to engage new audiences and fortify your community's influence and reach.

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