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1901KKL-JNF is founded
1948Founding of the state of Israel
2023War Relief and Recovery

KKL-JNF's Growing Impact KKL-JNF's Commitment to Sustaining Israel's Future

No Poverty

KKL-JNF invests in education and research to empower youth and reduce disparities, while sharing expertise in agriculture and water management with nations in arid conditions

Zero Hunger

KKL-JNF boosts Israeli agriculture and water economy, sharing expertise with nations in arid conditions

Good Health

KKL-JNF promotes public health with free access to diverse outdoor facilities, encouraging restorative activities in nature

Quality Education

KKL-JNF advances inclusive education nationwide, bridging gaps with state-of-the-art facilities and supporting high-tech students in the Negev and Galilee for 21st-century success

Clean Water And Sanitation

KKL-JNF's water projects enhance the national economy by constructing reservoirs, replenishing groundwater, irrigating farmlands, and rehabilitating rivers.

Affordable And Clean Energy

KKL-JNF champions renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and resource-efficient initiatives

Decent Work And Economic Growth

KKL-JNF fosters education and agricultural development in Israel's periphery, promoting employment opportunities and economic growth

Reduced Inequalities

KKL-JNF advances educational initiatives to address inequality in both Israel and developing countries

Sustainable Cities And Communities

KKL-JNF preserves open spaces and enhances urban environments through community forests, parks, gardens, and biofilters

Climate Action

KKL-JNF transforms barren land, fostering green landscapes through tree planting, biodiversity protection, and eco-friendly initiatives like cycling trails and plastic bans

Life On Land

KKL-JNF plants, manages, and safeguards Israel's forests, combating desertification and supporting environmental research for a sustainable future

Partnership For The Goals

KKL-JNF collaborates globally, sharing expertise, investing in sustainability, food security, research, and fighting global warming through international conferences