Take action now: Plant a tree for Israel's future

Take action now:
Plant a tree for
Israeil's future

Who else understands the importance of nurturing Israel's land? Introducing Israeli singer Yair Levi

Tree Stories

Discover the heartfelt experiences of individuals who have made a meaningful impact by planting trees with us

Plant a tree for Israel's future

Planting trees for israel

Amidst Israel’s ongoing war, plant a tree with KKL-JNF. Your contribution brightens the future, leaves a legacy, and unites history, faith, and nature. Join us for lasting impact

Planting trees for israel

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KKL-JNF, one of the founding organizations of the rebirth of Israel, holds a pivotal role in the history and development of the nation, deeply rooted in biblical context. Established in 1901, its founding coincided with the rise of the Zionist movement, a visionary endeavor that sought to fulfill the biblical prophecies of the return to the Land of Israel

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